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Anne Rolfes

Anne began her organizing career in West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo. It was there that she first witnessed the destruction of oil production. After six years of working on Nigerian issues, Anne returned to Louisiana in 1999 to protect her home state from petrochemical pollution. Anne was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana where many people made their fortunes from the oil industry. She has seen the wealth and the poverty created by oil production and seeks to make the industry more equitable. In October 2007 Anne was recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a Community Health Leader. Read her testimony to the U.S. House Committee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife from June 10, 2010 here. You can also watch Anne on a panel discussion about the oil industry at the 2011 Rising Tide Conference -- see the video here.

Contact: anne@labucketbrigade.org