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Oil Industry Accidents

The oil industry has an accident problem. An important way to keep updated on the frequency of accidents is to sign up for alerts about oil industry accidents near you through our online Crisis Map.

The BP Oil Disaster illustrated a dynamic in Louisiana that those who live near refineries are all too familiar with: explosions and accidents that cause injury, illness and death. Louisiana’s 17 refineries have averaged an accident every day since 2005. In the year since the BP well was capped (September 2010-September 2011), there were more than 3,700 oil industry accidents in the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil industry is so profitable because they can externalize their costs on poor states like Louisiana. Last year, Exxon’s two refineries in the state (Baton Rouge and Chalmette) had 133 accidents. Meanwhile, their profits exceeded $30 billion. There is a connection.

We are examining the oil industry accidents both off shore and on shore.

Refinery Efficiency Initiative
This is our program to reduce chemical exposure by reducing oil refinery accidents. Click here to read more.

Accidents in the Gulf of Mexico
The oil industry can get away with accidents in the Gulf, largely because they are offshore, where many cannot see them. Some of these accidents are logged via the National Response Center.

The Water Keeper Alliance issued a report in 2011 detailing spills in the Gulf since the BP Disaster: State of the Gulf: A Status Report in the Wake of the BP Oil Disaster.

NOAA released a report Dec. 19, 2011 that found air pollution levels from the Deepwater Horizon spill were similar to a large urban area. This was an issue LABB voiced concern about during the spill. Read more about NOAA's report here.