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Art-to-Action embraces integrated approaches with diverse community partners to combine creative action, social media, storytelling, theater, video, journalism, visual art, dance, puppetry, music, street performance and interdisciplinary media for social change.

Refinery Efficiency Initiative
The Refinery Efficiency Initiative, launched December 7, 2009, was created to protect public health by encouraging the reduction of refinery accidents and emissions. The alarming number of accidents at refineries in Louisiana reflects a consistent problem of equipment failure, deferred maintenance and poor emergency preparation. Find out what we're doing to change this.

Environmental Justice Corps
Louisianaís environmental health and justice movement needs new blood and more young African-American leaders. Our Environmental Justice Corps will develop new participants in the field. The program targets the regionís Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Oil Spill Response
After the BP Oil Spill, LABB swung into action responding to the disaster in ways that adhered to our overall mission and goals, collaborating with communities to implement an effective oil spill response and prevention program. The Oil Spill Crisis Map, seafood and soil samples in coastal communities, and the nearly 1,000 health and economic impact surveys collected in those communities are just a few of the projects LABB has pursued.

Fenceline Neighbors Network
The goal of our Fenceline Neighbors Network is to link communities that are facing similar challenges throughout the state. Fenceline neighbors are people who live next to industrial hazards such as a hazardous dump, chemical plant, or refinery. Fenceline Neighbors Network is so powerful because it taps into the energy of many grassroots organizations and capitalizes on it to produce change.

Istrouma Health Partnership - Baton Rouge
We have been working with the local group Community Empowerment for Change since 2003, helping them to take air samples of pollution from nearby ExxonMobil. In 2011, we began the Istrouma Health Partnership, a multi-year, multi-stakeholder participatory health study in this north Baton Rouge neighborhood.

Residents for Air Neutralization - Shreveport
We are collaborating with Residents for Air Neutralization (RAN) in Shreveport on a campaign targeting Calumet Lubricants, a refinery that sits mere feet away from the community. More than 40% of children within two miles of the refinery live in poverty. The community is advocating for relocation after years of devastating illnesses.

Campaign Archive
In this section, you will find information about our previous community work, organized by the community.

Oil Industry Accident Awareness Month (OIAAM)