American Press: Efforts Intensify to Protect Drinking Water, EPA Says

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Efforts to protect drinking water and clean up ethylene dichloride 
contamination at Condea Vista have been stepped up, according to a state 

Four vertical and six horizontal wells were installed to recover EDC first 
discovered in 1981.

Condea Vista already has 93 wells monitoring the location of groundwater 
contamination and another 17 wells operating to remove the contamination, 
according to the state Department of Environmental Quality.

More than 275 million pounds of contaminated groundwater has been removed at a cost of $1.5 million since 1997.

The new wells cost $3.2 million. Condea Vista will continue to look for EDC contamination and will begin monitoring for natural attenuation. 
" It has been a long process, but we believe important progress is being 
made," DEQ Secretary Dale Givens said.

EDC was discovered to have migrated off the plant's property and under some homes in the Mossville community in 1995.

The horizontal recovery wells will contain the migration, according to the 
state Department of Environmental Quality. Areas with higher concentrations 
of EDC will be captured with vertical recovery wells.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Regional Administrator Greg Cooke called Condea Vista's cooperation encouraging.

The contamination resulted from industry practices in existence 20-30 years 
ago, and today's regulations would prevent this type of contamination from 
occurring, Givens said.

A class-action law suit filed by the residents of Mossville after Condea 
Vista announced the contamination in 1995 was settled.

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