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Audit of EPA/DEQ samples reveals air contamination and health hazards

What: Three organizations and concerned residents will tomorrow release their audit of air samples taken by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

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Federal Judge Orders Injunction against Chalmette’s ExxonMobil

(Baton Rouge) The third resounding victory this year for pollution victims suing Chalmette's ExxonMobil came yesterday, as Federal Judge Sarah Vance issued an order requiring the refinery to stop leaking benzene, a dangerous carcinogen." Chalmette Refining, L.L.C.

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Soil sample results from St. Bernard Parish released by community groups

(Baton Rouge) Heavy metals and gas and diesel compounds were among the chemicals detected in St. Bernard Parish, according to results released last night by two community groups that have been testing soil in the parish.

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First Ever Community Meeting on Sampling Since Katrina

Where: 4728 Constitution Ave

When: Tuesday, October 25th, 7 PM

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ExxonMobil Found Guilty of Violating Clean Air Act; Second Guilty Verdict this Year

Baton Rouge, LA) Chalmette's ExxonMobil was again slammed with a guilty verdict as the refinery's closest neighbors - long time victims of the refinery's pollution - were vindicated in Court by U. S. District Court Judge Sarah Vance.

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St. Bernard residents called for meeting about environmental matters in the parish

WHO and WHAT: The St. Bernard Citizens for Environmental Quality and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade are hosting a meeting for all St. Bernard Parish residents regarding health and environmental matters in the parish.

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Sojourn to St. Bernard by Anne Rolfes, Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Sojourn to St. Bernard

Anne Rolfes, Louisiana Bucket Brigade 
September 19, 2005


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Citizen groups request results of samples from state and federal environmental agencies: Call for transparency and publicly accessible monitoring results after Hurricane Katrina

(Baton Rouge) The complete results of sampling in the areas of Louisiana hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina are being requested today by environmental and public health groups that have longed worked in the area.

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Louisiana Bucket Brigade and Hurricane Katrina

We are stunned, absolutely stunned and shocked. Who could imagine that lives could change ­ and end ­ so drastically in such a short time? Most but not all of our staff members are accounted for, and the same holds true for the community members with whom we work.

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ExxonMobil forced by state to conduct air monitoring in Chalmette

(Baton Rouge) ExxonMobil’s Chalmette Refinery is now legally obligated to pay for an air monitoring network in St. Bernard Parish, according to an Administrative Order that the refinery signed with the state Department of Environmental Quality on May 24th.


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